Welcome To DCPS District #1 Student Services

We wanted you and your families to receive world-class legendary support and services that are unequaled in the Resume Service Writing Industry from 24-Hour Résumés To Go®, the Company that led the way as the industry leader, when in 1995, they decided to launch the first Internet Based Resume Service and the Rest is History!

As a DCPS Student, District #3 is delighted to announce that you are NOW being given access to a Free easy to use Online Automated Resume Builder. Our Builder was designed with you in mind in that all but takes the formatting guessing game out of the equation and eliminates hours of agony trying to figure just how to prepare a professional looking product.

DCPS Knows That You Only Have 8-10 Seconds to Make a Lasting Impact!

DCPS District #3 – is the first School District of its kind anywhere in the USA to offer a dedicated 24/7 Online Resume Builder backed with access to limited live support. In fact, we are offering our students access to a Free Resume Builder. Plus, your family members can also Test Drive our Free Resume Builder by building and reviewing their products before they ever have to decide to purchase the service at a fee that is consistently less than haft the cost of similar inferior products on the open market.

DISTRICT #1 Service Features:

We are honored to present to you the following affordable Service Features:
  • Discount Pricing for Title 1 and 4 Students and their parents
  • Personalized Individual Counseling Servcies for any and all Students
  • We help prepare and/or write your PSA Sports Profile/Résumé
  • We evaluate your PSA Compilation and Raw Video Footage for you
  • We for a reasonable Fee do provide basis video production Servcies* Call for details and Limitations
  • We interview and get to know you in order to prepare a professional and many times very personal Introductory Recruiting Cover Letter that get their attention and you Emails; Official Visits; College ID Camp Invitations; Roster Spots and Scholarship Offers in minutes
  • We blast your PSA Briefcase: Resume/Profile; PSA Compilation Video and Introductory PSA Recruiting Cover Letter to over 1000 coaches and programs

Our Value Added Servcies:

  • No More Worrying About Formatting Issues because, “We Offer ONE Flexible Proven Format”!
  • Make a lasting Impact in 8-10 Seconds!
  • Get Emails from College Coaches; Roster Spots and/or a Scholarship Offers!
  • In a Bind? We offer Emergency Résumé Services Late Night or Anytime?
  • Use our Résumé Builder, to Prepare a Professional Formatted Product in 15 minutes or less*
  • We are available 24/7 Including Weekends and Holidays to Assist You With All Your Needs
  • We can talk you through the process; send you suggestions or even write for you as a member of your own personalized Résumé Construct Team

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

In fact, It’s Really Quick & Easy! You Can:
  1. Enter Your Résumé Information Step-By-Step!
  2. See/View Your Résumé Progress Step By Step; Download Your PDF Product On-The-Spot at any time during the process
  3. View Your Résumé Step By Step; Then Click Process Resume and Receive Your Printable “Draft” MS Word Product in Seconds!