College Campus OnlineTM Triple "A" Academy Services Preview

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    Nine (9) College Readiness Resource Centers

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    Academics Resource Center

    It's About The GPA Stupid! • Be Smart! • Find Balance! • Stop Trying To "Keep Up With The Academic Status Seeking Joneses!" • Don't Lose Your Competitive Edge (High GPA) • Build Bridges And Access To Opportunity; Favorable College Admissions Outcomes; Roster Spots And Scholarships! • No One Outside Of Your City Knows Or Even Cares About The Name Of Your High School • But, Everyone Will Ask You For Your Unweighted And/Or Weighted GPA • Enjoy Every Day Of Your High School Years • Qualified Students Should Compete And Seek School Choice Appointments • Schedule An Appointment With Your Assigned Guidance Counselor • Be Sure To Ask For A Mentor!

    College Admissions Resource Center

    Start Early! • Explore! • Participate! • Learn! • The World Is Competitive So, "When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do"! • When In Troy, Hide In A Horse! • I Am From Troy! • Research A Wide And Diverse Range Of Professions • Attend Scheduled College Visits • Make Sure Every Advisor Knows Your Name! • Visit Local Colleges During The Summer • Attend Academic; Stem; Boot And Athletic College ID Camps! • Join A Club(s) • Meet With Your "Top Choice" University Advisors/Staff • Build A Bridge And Pathway To Access And Success • Schedule A College Readiness Counselor Appointment • Listen To Your Parents • Seek Help And "Speak Up" For Yourselves!

    Accelerated Learning (Honors) Resource Center

    Includes PreK-12 Enrichment Services! • Find Solutions That Are Complementary And Supplemental To Actual Measured Outcomes And Your Personal Development Expectations For Your Child • Explore More Individualized Emerging Learning Technologies • Utilize Internet Based Learning Solutions • Join Challenging Stem and Honors Programs • The World Is Competitive So, "When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do"! • When In Troy, Hide In A Horse! • I Am From Troy! •Click the Icon Photo To Learn More About International Baccalaureate (IB); Advanced Placement; AVID; Cambridge AICE; National Hispanic Recognition (NHRP) And National Merit Scholarship Program (NMSP) Opportunities

    Eligibility Resource Center (NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA)

    So, You Really Think That You Want To Play College Sports? • Where Do You Stand? • Be Honest! • What Level Are You Really On: D1/D2/D3/NAIA/NJCAA (JUCO)? • What Is The Meaning Of Collegiate Divisions and Levels In Sports? • What Is NCAA; NAIA And NJCAA Eligibility Centers? • Do You Have An Eligibility Number? • Do You Even Have A Need For An Eligibility Number? • Have You Signed Up With An Edibility Center? • And Is It Even Required? • When Do You Need To Sign Up? • Where Do You Go To Sign-Up And How Does The Sign-Up Process Work? • Have You Meet Your Eligibility Center Academic Course Requirements?

    Standardized Testing Resource Center

    Have You Completed The ACT/SAT Standardized Test? • When You Registered, Did You Send Your Scores To Any Colleges? • Have You Signed-Up For The ACT/SAT Standardized Test? • Have You Completed An ACT/SAT Test Preparation Course? • What Is An ACT/SAT Superscore? • Do You Know Your ACT/SAT Superscore? • Do You Know The Next Scheduled Test Dates? • Have You Placed Your Test Dates On Your Phone And/Or Desk Top Calendar? • Have You Obtained ACT/SAT Test Preparation Materials? • Have You Studied Using Your ACT/SAT Test Preparation Materials? • Have You Sent Unofficial Copies Of Your Test Results To College Coaches and Official Results To NCAA; NAIA; Or NJCAA (JUCO) Eligibility Centers?

    Financial Aid Resource Center

    It's October! • Seniors, Fill Out Your Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) • Many Schools Systems Now Require Seniors To Fill Out Federal Financial Aid Applications In Order To Graduate • So, why Do I Keep Meeting Students Who Want To Attend College And Have Already Graduated, But Have Not To This Very Day Filled Out A FAFSA? • That Is Mind-Blowing! • And Parents, You Say That You Want Your Children To Attend College? • Then You Refuse To Provide Them With Your Federal Income Tax Information? • Your Support Gives Your Child Access To Financial Aid and Loans Needed To Attend College • Every Student Should Apply For Federal Financial Aid. • You Can Sign-Up And Open A FAFSA Account Before Your Senior Year! • You Do Not Have To Be A U.S. Citizen To Apply. • And Before We Forget: Please Remember that Dual Enrollment Programs Pay For Up To Two (2) Years of College While You Are Still Attending High School! •

    Sports Recruiting Resource Center

    Do You Have A Player Profile (Résumé) ; Introductory Recruiting Cover Letter And Compilation Video? • Have You Sent Your Information To A Coach? • Do You Have ACCESS To The 20 Types Of Recruiting Cover Letters? • Have You Completed College Readiness Training? • Are You Interested In Learning How To All But Be Guaranteed A Roster Spot and/or Scholarship Offers? • Why Should “Coach” Choose You? • Please Understand That Wining A Title On Any Level Is An Amazing Accomplishment That Most Students will Never Experience? • Parents, We Can Almost Promise You This: The First And Last Time You Will Speak To "Coach" Is Before Or When You Drop Your Child Off At School And In Passing After A Game If That! • So, Be Prepared!

    Counseling Services Resource Center

    We Promise That When We Finish Our Initial Discussion, You Will Find Clarity And Will Know Just Where You Stand And At All Times. First, Students "Take The College Readiness Survey!" Then We Conduct A Thorough Interview During Which, We Address: • Mentor Programs • Internships • Volunteer Services • When Should I Contact A Dean Or Coach? • How To Be Practically Guaranteed To Land A Roster Spot? • Academic And Athletic Scholarships and College ID Camp Myths And Secrets That MOST Recruiters And Recruiting Education Companies Will Never Tell You Before You Pay • Technical Skills Training • I Am Injured And My Life Is Over (Never Quit)! • REC And H.S. Athletics Versus Travel And Club Sports • Video Editing And Production

    Medical Resource Center

    Have You Had Your Immunizations Or Sports Physical? • Do You Have Or Even Need A U.S. Passport? • Where Do You Apply For One? • HIPAA Stands For “Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act” • FOIA Stands For “Freedom Of Information Act” • This Means That Once Your Child Turns 18, Their Medical Visits; Results and Information Is Private Under The LAW! • Parents THEN Also Have Zero Access To Their Child's Medical Records • You Must Fill Out All The Required School Release Forms And Documentation In Order To Be Actively Involved In Your Child’s Healthcare • Prepare A Medical Power Of Attorney • Campus Life Is An Accident Waiting To Happen! • Make Sure That Your Student Athletes Are Signed Up For An On-Campus Insurance Plan.

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