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Why 24 Hour Résumés To Go®?

24 Hour Résumé To Go® was founded and registered in Maryland in 1995 and was the first Résumé Service to use the Internet as its Sole Delivery Model/System.  At first, other Owners laughed at our concept!  We have had No BBB Complaints in over 25 Years and is Military Veteran/Family Owned and Operated. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

Federal Résumé Servcies

Start Here! For a significant cost savings from a proven service with a winning track record and a long history of success, send your current resume to: (Email or Fax)

  • EmailForResumesToGo@gmail.com
  • Fax To: (904) 745-6373 - 24/7 dedicated fax

From the convenience of your home or office get your Federal Resume done or updated, or your old SF 171; OF 612 Conversion to a Federal Résumé. We also prepare General Schedule (GS) and other Federal Employee KSAs and Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) - for Senior Executive Service (SES) candidates. We specialize in paving the road to "Smooth Transitions and Long-Term Success." Let us put your process on cruise control.

Does this sound Like you?
  • I cannot believe that the process is so complex and confusing, and the prices are so high - why does anyone ever apply for the Federal Government?
  • I have been fighting and arguing with my spouse for days - we do not agree on how to structure my documents/application.
  • I do not understand what I need to do - I am completely lost
  • I have the skills; consistently receive notices that I am qualified; have trouble writing KSAs, and cannot seem get an interview
  • Who can I trust - my friends all have hidden agendas, and I am now confused - some of their advice just seems flat out wrong?
  • My boss is not supportive of my efforts and I really need some assistance!
  • I am struggling and running out of time - I will never make it - I have this to do and that to do - I need help from someone that can take the stress out of the equation!
  • I have prepared my KSAs - now I need them improved with better organization and paragraph transitions - in fact, they must sing!
If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, please consider, “No” run to your Cell Phone, and call us today!
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