College Readiness Counseling For Middle/H.S. Students (1-Hr.): $199.95

    College ConnectTM PSA Counseling Services

    College Connect™ PSA Counseling Services

    We conduct a thorough Prospective Student Athlete Educational Interview during which, we will address and discuss each of the College Readiness; Admissions and Recruiting products; tools and services. We help you as you begin to transition from High School to your future in college and we specialize in making that move much more frustrating to tackle and even more easier to complete. We help you as you deal with the tough issues and questions such as: When Should I contact a Coach? How can I be almost to be Guaranteed to Land a Roster Spot? We show you the benefits of using our Premium Services and the power of utilizing and attending our Words of Wisdom College Readiness Training Series which comes with FULL ACCESS to over twenty (20) PDF Fact Sheets during which we address: Scholarship Secrets; College ID Camp Secrets; PSA Injury Myths/Advantages (Never Quit!); Technical Skills Training; Recreational/H.S. vs Travel Soccer; Scholarships and Roster Spot Secrets; Video Editing and Production.

    Take The College Readiness Survey! (Password: admin)

    This is our Traditional Counseling Session and every session starts with a College Readiness Survey which means every Student will complete either our General Student Body and Student Athlete College Readiness Surveys and in 2-Minutes or less, they will learn their College Readiness Ratings and receive their own College Readiness Scores. Now they (our members) will know just where you stand even when being compared against their peers!

    Nine (9) College Resource Centers

    We orient you as to the use and purpose of our One Stop Shop Website College Campus Online™ K-12 Enrichment Services and introduce you to our Nine (9) College Resource Centers. This means that all Students will receive LIVE or Online Introductory Counseling and ACCESS to Training that will detail and address “How-To” use our One Stop Shop Website and the following Nine (9) College Resource Centers which include the following Information Rich Dashboards: College Admissions; Accelerated Learning; Standardized Testing; NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA (JUCO) Eligibility; Financial Aid; Recruiting; Medical and Counseling Services.

    All New Members will receive 30 days of Limited ACCESS to follow-on Support Services when available and will be given Full ACCESS to our General Student Body and Student Athlete College Readiness Surveys until the end of the school year. Plus, all Student Members will receive an overview and FULL ACCESS to our College Readiness Break-out Modules that facilitate their ability to immediately “Close the gaps” and improve their Overall College Readiness Scores.

    The PSA Briefcase

    Students at this level will receive FULL ACCESS to all of our Resumé Builders (Student Résumé Builder; PSA Sports BASIC Résumé Builder and Civilian Résumé Builder) and any future specific builder upgrades when developed and/or released. We introduce and give you FULL ACCESS to our cutting-edge Résumé Builders which are the foundation of our Recruiting Presentation Packages plus they are Interactive and can be used as an Interactive Micro Website. You can use our “Never Pay Twice” Rollover Fee Plan to upgrade, in order to have our team build your products with and for you. You can even pay for your own Online Recruit Central Dashboard. Most all of our Premium Packages do include a completed Player Profile/ Résumé; Introductory Recruiting Cover Letter and PSA Compilation and/or Raw Video.

    Technical Skills Training Academy Memberships

    All Members will receive additional Full FREE ACCESS to all Community (Any Location) Scheduled Technical Skills Training when announced and/or made available. This means that participating Member Students will be introduced to a comprehensive program that includes Free or Affordable ACCESS to Technical Skills Training and College Readiness Program Requirements, plus all College Campus Online Members will now receive ACCESS to Affordable or even FREE Soccer Up America Training Academy Sports Task Ability Ratings (S.T.A.R.) and Sports Personal Records (S.P.R.) Training Sessions.

    Students that re-sign with our Membership Services will receive a significant Seasonal Discount of 30%-50%. Any ACP Eligible Student or Student Athlete may receive up to a $100 ACP Camp Discount (ID Verification Required). Never pay twice when you use our Services! Upgrade without Penalty! In fact, all as in 100% of your fees and payments will be 100% rolled over to the next higher selected level/package and don’t forget to ask about our Military, Family, Corporate, Student, Club, and Team High Volume Discounts. Affordable Flexpay Payment Plans Available!

    Our Special Offer!

    As part of our special offer to you for joining our Team/Family today, you can opt to Add: $150 to this order and receive significantly discounted ACCESS to our own Brand College Readiness College ID Camp (Group Training) or Three (3) Personal Coach Training Sessions - One (1) Hour Each. Our Regular/Current Camp Cost is currently $249.00 and our Personal Trainer Hourly Rate is $50.00.

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