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“Most students think that when they have not found a collegiate position or school, that their time is running out, but what we at Soccer up America™ have learned is just the opposite. Sometimes the longer they wait the better things are for them. But this is situational and not the best of positions to be in because the player would then have to have nerves of steel. We specialized in making that process and those and other similar circumstances easier for the underdog and student that is struggling with the recruiting process”

The High School Recruiting system is rapidly diminishing in some sports and even by area or region of the country. There was a day and time that if you developed your game and technical skills, coaches would find their way to your school for you, but in today’s world of dwindling recruiting budgets and program resources and funding along with the rise of the internet video; YouTube and social media, those days are all, but gone as we personally know players who received scholarships and just from sharing their 3 minute video! The secret to the entire process is knowing where and who to send them to and more importantly when to send them.

The most important person in the recruiting system was once your High School Coach (all Coaches) and/or the Athletic Director. Once upon a time, it only took a phone call from them and you were on the radar; in the hot seat or you were literally in the school of your choice. Today, online recruiting services can blast out your player video and profile to Coaches in the blink of an eye and many Coaches rarely even use their office phones as everyone is now mobile.

In a world of Social Media, please do not forget the personal world of human contact as any Coaches know top level Coaches outside of their areas of expertise as they have met them or even attended school with other Coaches or worked with or for them earlier in their careers. They may have even trained and/or taught that Coach earlier in their careers. Remember it’s a small world out there. Always be aware of the fact that a Coach could be recruiting another player, but may also end up recruiting you based upon your performance on the pitch or in the game no matter the sport.

Make sure that you clearly annotate and include your class year on all forms of communications with Coaches for NCAA Eligibility and recruiting purposes. If a Coach thinks you are a sophomore, instead of a senior they in most all likelihood will not recruit you when you need to be recruited. And make sure that your Name; Email Address and Phone Number is included within your actual video as coaches are scouring the web looking for players or looking for someone, but then stumbles upon your footage, but then they may have to track you down or just may decide not too. Student athletes are still discovered all the time. That is the beauty of this and it all!

We at Soccer up America™ promise, that if you have mad skills – the news will travel and everyone will come to you. So work on your game (Technical Skills) every day! But then on the other side of the coin, many Coaches and their automated responses will absolutely tell you that they will come to see you play, but never will call or show up to any of your games so you must be on your “A” game at all times. Get this, one coach actually did show up to scout a player unannounced and was extremely impressed with that player’s technical skills and athleticism, but when he saw that player screaming and yelling at his Mom, he decided right then to turn around and not approach that family.

So just because you never saw any coach at any game recruiting any player on any team that you played for or against in 4 years, it doesn’t mean that they were not there. But on the other hand you just may be correct when you are thinking that you are sure that all those coaches were at the games of the more known venues or Showcases and highly ranked privileged schools. It is a system of the haves and the have nots, but many coaches are limited or time constrained so why would they go to a high school game when they can go to the Disney Showcase and scout/recruit 1000s of TOP ECNL LEVEL players at one venue.

We will give the student-athlete access to our member Recruiting Database/Portfolio which will include the items and information listed in the tabs above.

NCAA Student Athlete College Recruiting Emails 

1.  The General Cover Letter
2.  Before an Event
3.  After an Event
4.  Before a Game or Big Game
5.  After a Game or Big Game
6.  The Follow-Up/Checking In
7.  Find Out Where I Stand
8.  Finding Camps
9.  Before Camps
10.  After Camps
11.  Campus Visits
12.  Scholarship Opportunities
13.  Top Choice
14.  Notice of Intent to Commit

Words of Wisdom 

Myths and Facts about Recruiting and Collegiate Soccer (22 Fact Sheets) that Recruiting Services Don’t Want You to Know

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  • So I Got Off to a Late Start
  • High School Choice
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  • Recruiting Services and the Truth behind the Game.

Why Fill Out NCAA Recruiting PSA Questionnaires?

Our Advice on College Recruiting Questionnaires Visit each perspective website of each college you are interested in attending or receiving Admissions and Recruiting Information.  Fill out an Application for Admissions and a Recruiting Questionnaire then call your Soccer Up America Counselor/Mentor and they will provide you with our Admissions and Recruiting Metrics Checklist and walk side by side with you as you take measures and steps necessary to complete the College Admissions and Recruiting process.  More importantly, we will simply assist you personally with the development of your Admissions and Recruiting Individual Development Plan. 

Our unique Metrics Checklist will facilitate  and chart the Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) progress through 100% completion of all required and suggested tasks for acceptance and the award of scholarships or even other funds including Student Loans.  Also completing each schools Questionnaire is one of the first and most importants tasks that you must and should complete immediately when you decided that you are interested in a school.  Most PSAs are unaware of the fact that the Student Questionnaire lets the Coaching Staff know that you are actually considering or even more important interested in attending their school. 

In fact, many Coaches text; phone and/or write PSAs (Both Automated Responses and Personal) and them to fill out their Online Questionnaires so that they will know that the PSA is actually interested in being considered for Admissions and playing for their team.  And many times the PSA fails to take action, hence effectively eliminating themselves from the recruiting process for that school.  Do not take this task lightly.  You are really really leaving 100s of 1000s of Scholarship funds on the ole proverbial table!


When that single task is done and the Coach Texts or Calls, if you were serious; would like to play for that school or are in need of a Scholarship (Athletic or Academic) your NEXT response should be:  “Coach, it’s already done!  My Application; NCAA Eligibility Number;  Standardized Test Scores; High School Transcripts are in and I meet the School’s Admissions Standards.  I sent my video which I know you have seen and I am ready to go!”  Then they know that you are serious and may just offer you an “All Expense Paid” Official Tour; a Roster Spot; Intent to Offer or even a Scholarship.  They may even have already had you on their radar!  So, be prepared and do not waste their valuable time!  Coaches absolutely adore players who call or they call and have seen their video and is hyped about the the possibility of attending their school when they say, “We like you!” and “We need to get the ball rolling!” and that player says Coach, it is all already done. That Coach is blown away.

So it is vital to your success for you to get your name in each schools Recruiting Database.   And as a result you may or may not be recruited by that school, but most likely will be placed on each school’s mailing list and that is also another way to know if a school review your information or is even possibly interested in recruiting you.  This is especially important if you are a High School Freshman or Sophomore who by NCAA rules are not yet allowed to communicate or speak directly with Coaches!  Plus they usually will then start sending you:  information about any upcoming games, camps, showcases, and breaking news.  When allowed you can also reply back to them with questions or comments about any of the material that they have sent you.

If a Coach tells you to fill out their Questionnaire!  Take 5 minutes to fill out their Questionnaire!  If you don’t most will move on to the next prospect that is just as talented, but are even more motivated than you are!

They see your not immediately responding to their request as a sign of disrespect!  How could they trust you to complete basic/simple tasks independently when the team will be on the road practically the entire fall semester of at least half of it.   They have 20-30 other players who want to be there and then they receive 1000s of calls and emails and that could be a daily amount and that does not include their daily Coaching and Administrative duties of building and running a program; leading other staffs and running additional school initiatives.  Are you kidding me?!

Most college coaches have contacts and sources that can fill them in on certain recruits, so if a recruit wants to stay close to home then schools might back off some; however, if the recruit is filling out recruiting questionnaires, the school will continue to take an interest in them. Which means the athlete now has options!

Going back to our question, why should you fill our recruiting questionnaires? The best answer is that you are giving yourself options. There is no blueprint for landing an athletic scholarship, and if you don’t have other options then you put yourself at risk for not getting a scholarship offer.  Most schools now have the recruiting questionnaires online at their website.

NCAA Recruiting College Readiness Rating

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Our Promise To You! Our Collegiate Recruiting Center Team will personally track and assist the Potential Student Athlete (PSA) with management of Critical Recruiting Tasks (1395 Points) that are needed in order to attain Admissions; Roster Spots and Scholarship success. We will also make sure that you are updated and armed with the knowledge and/or tools such as Introductory Recruiting Cover, Event and Follow-up Letters; Myths and Fact Sheets that answer Frequently Asked Questions and PSA Questionnaire Instructions and Links. Access to this vital information will give you a competitive Edge/Advantage; is vital and is needed to facilitate BOTH your ability to complete required Recruiting Tasks and attain success. We will be there to assist and help you every step of the way through-out your Collegiate Application and Recruiting Process in order to remove stress from your lives and place your High School Years on “Cruise Control!”