Why Soccer Up America™?

  • Because we were the first to present the most viable solution:  The Global Standardization of Soccer™
  • 100% Success! All clients have been able to connect with a Coach in order to find out where they stand! This is our ONLY Promise!
  • Every Client (100%) is now playing soccer in college, no matter their playing skills (REC or Travel) brought to our service.
  • Because we listened to you and fellowshipped with you!
  • Because we “Get It”!
  • Because we designed, built and implemented a better Soccer Mouse Trap™ for you and more importantly, the success of your children.
  • Because we want to “Win” a World Cup!
  • Every client had received D1/D2/D3/NAIA; Christian Schools; Military Service Academy and other offers too.
  • Every Client received Roster Spot Offers and in fact most receive 100s of offers.