Note for Individual Player Portal (Before a Player Pays For Services): If your school is not listed under any of the other approved subscription partner services then you can opt to pay and start of your own accord (Absolutely No Refund) or you can wait to contact your school’s POC (Coach; AD; Guidance Counselor or Administrator) in order to request Title1 or Title 4 Funding and receive your Voucher Control Number (When Available) which will then give you Free access to our services.
Contact Info: This Information is usually forwarded to Admissions by the Coaching Staff, especially if you are NOT a Junior, which means by NCAA rules they can not yet communicate with you, so this is an ingenious way of your knowing that a Coach or Staff has received and reviewed your email because Admissions will then send you school admissions information and other school literature by mail.
Social Media Accounts: Please stay away from Social Media as much as humanely possible as this can cost you your Scholarship and/or Roster Spot or even your Admissions to the school. They in many case will now conduct a thorough Social Media Investigation of your character and this includes the character of the people you follow; their posts and even/especially your "Likes" in response to their posts. One ill-informed or even unintentional "LIKE" could mean the end of your chances to make a team or even gain entry into the college of your choice! No Kidding!
Parent Data: This is what most coaches want to know about your parents. We provide space for information on two parents.
If you have NOT yet taken your Standardized Test and you are NOT a Junior! Don't worry! Coaches know when you are to usually take such tests! But please understand this - there are many PROs and CONs to taking a test early! So please contact us at (904) 515-5675; 24/7 including Weekends and Holidays and allow us to help you to think the process through before you make a HUGE and COSTLY mistake!
Note: To be honest,, Teams will usually forward your information to their assigned Recruiter who will then review and evaluate the strength of your PSA Briefcase as a potential player in their, The Recruiter will then forward the Top Players to the Coach as deemed appropriate. And at other times, everyone on a staff may see your video and information. They will even share your information with other programs if you ask and/or allow them to do so!
Thanks for signing up for our PSA College Connect™ Services. Your Project Manager has been notified and will be calling you immediately. Also please call Soccer Up America™ at (904) 515-5675 in order to complete your initial PSA Intake Interview/Counseling Session.