Our Bronze PREMIUM Scholarship Service: $299.95

    College ConnectTM Pricing

    College Connect™ College Readiness BRONZE (+) Premium Scholarship Service

    BRONZE Plus (+) Package Features/Benefits:

    • We guide and advise YOU!
    • We listen to, then help you place your High School Years and Lives on Cruise Control.
    • We work to identify and eliminate stress from your LIFE.
    • We serve as your College Readiness Advocate (Coach) and at times as a Mediator for you!

    As part of our Exclusive BRONZE Plus (+) Package Level of Services, you will:

    • “FIRST”complete our General Student Body and/or Student Athlete College Readiness Surveys
    • Learnt he purpose and use of Basic College Readiness Principals and will review/receive your own College Readiness Survey Scores
    • Receive an overview and FULL ACCESS to our College Readiness Break-out Modules that facilitate their ability to immediately improved their Overall College Readiness Scores
    • Work together with us as a team and we will guide you step by step.
    • Select your needed Résumé Builder from either of two (2) Choices: General Student Population or Student Athlete
    • Follow easy to complete Online Résumé Builder Application Prompts to enter your Demographic Information and Data; Athletic Statistics; and Academic and Athletic Awards; Honors and Achievements
    • Once your Information is entered; select Process and your selected Builder will send your Draft Résumé to you in MS Word so that you can edit and finish your product on your own.
    • Our builder will also, as agreed to, in the terms of use of our services, automatically send a copy to us, and we may send or call to give you a Free Evaluation and to make upgrade recommendations when deemed necessary. The Choice is Always yours!
    • You can then as per your own needs edit; print; update; improve and email; either an update draft/completed Sports Résumé/Profile or a General Student Body Résumé as you choose as per the length (one semester) of this package Terms of Services which you can extend annually by purchasing a very Affordable/Discounted Annual Subscription (Membership).
    • You can Send/Blast your own PSA Briefcase(Introductory Recruiting Cover Letter; Profile/Résumé and Compilation Video to your Top Schools(Coaches)
    • Upgrade without penalty and Rollover your current payment to the next higher service level if you find that you need a more Personal Level of Services and Coaching
    • Our Goal is for us is to help you facilitate your Admissions and Recruiting Process BOTH To and Thru Success!”!

    As part of our Exclusive BRONZE Plus (+) Package Level of Services, Students will also Receive FULL ACCESS to:

    • Follow-on Support Services for One Semester or the end of the Calendar School Year whichever ends first
    • BOTH General Student Body and Student Athlete College Readiness Surveys until the end of the school year
    • All of our Resumé Builders(Student Résumé Builder; PSA Sports BASIC Résumé Builder and Civilian Résumé Builder) and any future specific builder upgrades when developed and/or released.
    • View (Only) Fifteen (15) Sports Recruiting Cover Letter Examples
    • A FREE/Affordable complementary Technical Skills Training Academy Membership
    • Free or affordable Community based College Campus Online™ LIVE or Online ZOOM College Readiness Training
    • LIVE or Online ZOOM Introductory Counseling/Training that will detail and address “How-To” use our One Stop Shop Website and the following Nine (9) College Resource Centers
      • Academic Resource Center
      • Admissions
      • Financial Aid
      • Standardized testing
      • Athletic Eligibility
      • College Recruiting
      • Counseling Services
      • Accelerated Learning (Enrichment and Honors)
      • Medical
    • All Community (Any Location) Based Scheduled Technical Skills Training when announced and/or made available
    • You can Upgrade for ACCESS to our Myths; Secrets and Truths Words of Wisdom Fact Sheets and all related FREE ZOOM Training and then you can view (Only) our complementary Words of Wisdom Fact Sheets/Training PDFs Online
    • Students that re-sign with our Membership Services will receive a significant Seasonal Discount of 30%-50%
    • Never pay twice when you use our Services! Upgrade without Penalty! In fact, all as in 100% of your fees and payments will be 100% rolled over to the next higher selected level/package
    • The Plus (+) also means that you are eligible to receive additional Discounts and Special Seasonal Offers (Up to 30%). All ACP Eligible Students will receive a $400 Premium Service/Camp ACP Discount (50%) (Verification Required).
    • Please add $150 when a you opt to pay for ACCESS to our own Brand College Readiness College ID Camp (Group Training) or Three (3) Personal Coach Training Sessions - One (1) Hour Ea.Our Regular/Current Camp Cost is currently $249.00 and our Personal Trainer Hourly Rate is $50.00

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