The Company:

Established in 1996 Resumes To Go provides quality resume writing support at a level of unparalleled flexibility, speed and unsurpassed convenience for our customers.

Why 24 Hour Résumés To Go®?

24 Hour Résumé To Go® was founded and registered in Maryland in 1995 and was the first Résumé Service to use the Internet as its Sole Delivery Model/System.  At first, other Owners laughed at our concept!  We have had No BBB Complaints in over 25 Years and is Military Veteran/Minority Family Owned and Operated. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).


SPEED:  Get your resume prepared live via AOL - our Master Resume Consultants will interview you live via an AOL Chat Room. We will prepare and E-mail deliver your completed professionally designed resume while you wait. You may request delivery via E-mail or on Disk via mail services (Express Mail prices not included).

UNSURPASSED CONVENIENCE: 24 hr Fax/Internet Access.

COST: Compare & Save; we offer speed & product quality!

We Guarantee that our resumes will:

  • Make You Smile From Ear-To-Ear!
  • Change Your Life!
  • Match and/or Surpass the Quality of Any Professionally Prepared Resume by any Professional Resume Writer or we will do it over.

Who We Are?

The Founder/Owner:  L.C. Bogard, III is an Honorably Discharged U.S. Army Major who served as a Preventive Medicine Detachment Commander in both Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield in Saudi Arabia and Iraq along Highway of Death - This gives him a unique perspective on risk and life itself. He also:

  • Holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) From Tulane University, New Orleans
  • Completed the Degree Requirements for a Masters in Human Resources, University of Central, Texas
  • Holds a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) from Memphis State University
  • Holds an Associate of Arts Degree and was Commissioned at Wentworth Military Academy
  • Graduated from South Side High in Memphis , Tennessee where he received a Congressional Nomination to West Point from the Honorable Congressman Harold Ford and an R.O.T.C. Distinguished Unit Nomination to West Point for leading his school, as a Cadet Battalion Commander to place 1st out of 28 High Schools in Memphis.
  • Was born and raised in Memphis; worked for Fed-Ex, Goldsmith's Downtown, a Federated Department Store (owned by the same group that owns Macy's) and the Butcher Shop Steakhouse
L.C. Bogard, III, Owner
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