Our Lifetime Scholarship Service: Call for Pricing

    College ConnectTM Pricing

    We will prepare, then Send/Blast your PSA Briefcase (Introductory Recruiting Cover Letter; Profile/Résumé and Compilation Video) to your Top 10 Schools (Coaches) plus an additional 1000 Schools using our own methodologies. You will receive Premium Insider ACCESS to our Myths; Secrets and Facts Words of Wisdom ZOOM Training and we will send you a password so you can view can view and download our complementary Words of Wisdom Training PDFs Online. Students will receive ACCESS to follow-on Support Services for two (2) Semesters or the end of the Calendar School Year. Students will receive ACCESS to fifteen (15) Sports Cover Letter Examples and all Members will receive additional FREE FULL ACCESS to all Community Wide (Any Location) Scheduled Technical Skills Training when announced and/or made available. You will also receive a limit of one (1) complimentary spot in the JFC College ID Camp.

    You will also receive a H.S. Lifetime Complimentary Credit/Pass to attend our own Brand College Readiness College ID Camps; Combine SPR and International/Brazilian Technical Skills Training Academy Sessions/Events/Camps“FOR FREE” until you graduate High School and you can also request and attend ten (10) Personal/Small Group Coach Training Sessions - One (1) Hour each.Our Regular/Current Camp Cost is currently $249.00 and our Personal Trainer Hourly Rate is $50.00. You still must pay your annual College Camp [us Online membership Fee of $79 at the beginning of each School year.

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