Why use College Campus Online™ College Campus Online VPK-12 Enrichment Services™?

College Campus Online™ was founded and registered in Florida in 2023, but at first was a brand of 24-Hour Résumés To Go® and was founded and registered in the State of Maryland in 1995 and our cutting edge brand grew so fast, we had to give it, its own name! We were the first Résumé Service in the entire USA to use Cell Phones instead of Land Lines to interview our clients and instead of Telephone Books for advertising purposes we exclusively used the Internet as our Sole Delivery Model and System. This meant that the service was 100% completed without our customers ever having to leave their home or office and the “Rest is History”! At first, when we founded Résumés To Go® other similar Company Owners laughed at our concept! Almost all of those companies are no longer in existence today while we still stand ready to serve you and your family 24/7 including Weekends and Holidays!

Yes, we are Open 24/7 Everyday Including Weekends and Holidays! So please call (904) 250-6414 and ask about our Military and other Federal; Civilian; Student; Business; Corporate Rightsizing; PSA Sports (Scholarships); CV and/or Emergency Résumé Packages; Discounts and Specials!

Service Features

  • You ONLY have 8-10 seconds to make an impact!
  • The MAJOR College Campus Online™ Résumé Service Difference Is, “We Give You one (1) and ONLY one (1) proven Résumé format upfront!”
  • Our PSA Sports Résumé was designed with winning when facing competitive situations in mind – It’s 100% Interactive
  • Our Easy-To-Use Résumé Builder will reduce your preparation time from months and days to just 15-30 minutes or less
  • No More need to "Try to Figure Out” just exactly what a Winning Résumé looks like In the First Place
  • Our unique Stunning Presentation allows you to add LOGOs and Icons to the top of your absolutely impressive Résumé!
  • We have had “No as in ZERO BBB Complaints” in over 25 Years and we are a Military Family Owned and Operated Company
  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)
  • No More Worrying About Formats and/or Formatting Issues because, “We Offer ONE Flexible Proven Format!”
  • Receive a nice, clean, but impressive product that will, “Get You The Interview That Gets You The Job!”
  • In a Bind? Or Are You In Need Emergency Services Late Night or Anytime? With our simple to use Résumé Builder, you can now prepare a Professionally Formatted Product in 15 minutes or less*
  • Plus, we are available 24/7 Including Weekends and Holidays to assist you with your needs and answer your Questions
  • We can talk you through the process; send you suggestions or even write for you as a member of your own personalized Résumé Construct Team

Our Proven Resumes and Most Recent Successes

  • Almost all Clients received Collegiate Athletic Scholarship Offers!
  • Every Student who used our products and services received either Emails and/or Calls from College Coaches
  • All students who used our products and services received Personal Invitations to College ID Camps and even Official College Campus Tours
  • Every Client (100%) received opportunities to attend and/or play Sports in college even if they only played Recreational (REC) Sports in High School.
  • Some clients received both Academic and Athletic Scholarships and/or Roster Spot Offers within or even in less than one (1) hour.
  • Some clients received Scholarship and Roster Spot offers in March of their Senior Year or even after Graduation when they started as late as December or even after Graduation in June of their Senior Year in High School.
  • Most client received either D1/D2/D3/NAIA; Christian Schools; Service Academy Roster Spot Offers
  • A Client with a 1.9 GPA and a 15 ACT Score received an emailed Scholarship Offer!
  • Our clients have received 100s of Roster Spot Offers.
  • Marginal Top Players who are funded by parents 100% of the time received D1 Roster Spot Offers.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

In Fact, “It’s Really Quick & Easy”! You Can:

  1. Enter Your PSA Sports Résumé Information Step-By-Step!
  2. See/View your Résumé Progress Step-By-Step and you can even Download your PDF Product On-The-Spot at any time during the process
  3. Move thru our Easy-To-Use Résumé Builder, then when finished "Click" the Process Résumé Button and receive a download and view your Printable “Draft PDF” Product in just seconds! Yes, our builders will also send your product directly to your Official Email of Record automatically. We, IAW our Terms of Service User and Consent Agreement, we will also receive a copy! We will review that copy and call you with your Free Evaluation and yes, we will make recommendations as to what you can do to improve your product on your own! You are under no obligation to use our Professional Writing Services. You can also call us anytime, 24/7 including Weekends and Holidays to hire us to assist you!

You can use your MS Word Product to finish editing and finalize your own Résumé or call us 24/7 including weekends and holidays and for a small Fee, you can allow us to upgrade and finish the work for and with you! We guarantee that our work will be BOTH Grammatically Improved; Enhanced and Visually Pleasing to the point that it will be 500% (+) better than anything that you can produce or what you have or we will not even take the job! In fact, we may even offer you a job!

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