We do and can NOT ever guarantee to any Client/Student/Customer/Parent that a Student will receive a Scholarship or Roster Spot. Our goal is the make that happen when you pay for such services. Some clients use us to teach them how to navigate the daunting College Admissions Process; server as a Mediator and to simply help them connect to and with Coaches. Our only Promise is that we will provide access to Real World Tools on our Website; Counseling Services and High Quality Products.

    Platinum Services Package Note:

    We on limited occasions will answer via Email College Coaches with and/or for you when needed and with your direct knowledge of such actions. We will be writing for you a s Ghost Writer! We do NOT in General speak with College Coaches nor write them directly for as in referring any client, unless you pay for that level of services! Bottom Line: Our Goal is to teach you how to answer College Coaches and we will verbally make recommendations in order to help you draft your answers. We will also give you ACCESS to our expertise and inside Knowledge and Secrets that other members do NOT receive. These advantageous Life Changing Tips; guidance and recommendations will be a Game Changer and give you a clear Competitive Edge when it comes to your obtaining College Admissions Success and your ability to impress “Coach”!

    Our Platinum Membership Promise/Guarantee:

    Unlike other Recruiting Education Services, we do limit the number of our Client Assignments per Coach based upon their own identified and agreed upon contractual Hourly Obligations. They must have published hours. When you first start, you can also ask your Coach about their Obligations and Personal Time Constraints. Plus, if your Coach’s Schedule is in conflict with yours, you can request reassignment to a new Personal Coach that has availability; hours and times that are in more alignment with your Personalized needs. Once we start our services are non-Refundable!

    Local ID Camp Services:

    When you sign-up for any Premium Service that includes a local camp, we will immediately pay for that camp as soon as your payment is processed. That Camp Sponsor is then solely responsible for the services to be rendered and all refunds if available made will be returned to College Campus Online as we will be processing payment for the services. No Refunds will be given. Credits or alternative training will then be offered.

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